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How to use Automation Emails effectively?

With the Automation Emails feature, not only you but also your customers can save time and effort in sending and solving all the matters relating to PDF billing documents. Please follow the procedure below to learn more thoroughly.

Click Automation Emails to access the feature page.

There can be a list of previous email campaigns and create a new one by clicking the New Automation button.

Fill in all the necessary information on the feature page

You can name and write a short description for your automation email campaign. Remember to put a checkmark next to Activate this automation.

In the Trigger & Template option, you can choose any template and trigger event that was previously set and created.
In the email options, you can add up to 10 emails for both BCC and CC emails.

Have creative and attractive content for the email campaign

Being free to create email content allows you to inform your customers of all the updated news, and do branding and promotions at the same time.

Dear [your customer’s name],

This email lets you know - your order [number of order] has been canceled for these items due to [give a reason for canceling]
[List of refund items]
As per our policy, [mention your cancellation policy]. You will also be expecting a refund of {amount} by {date}. Pay with cash for a refund upon delivery
The detailed order and refund will be attached.
Your order has been canceled for these items. If you think it is a mistake, please contact us immediately.
Moreover, you can also take a look at our newest products, which could be a wonderful alternative.
[List of the newest products]
Kindly request to please confirm the cancellation and refund.

Best regards,
Store’s name

Set start and end date

You can set start date of the email campaign.

Remember to set an end date if it is necessary to stop the automated delivery. Only when you put a checkmark into the check box Set end date, you will be allowed to pick two different dates for starting and ending the campaign.

Noted that: The rule will never end until the end date is set.

After you've finished all the settings for your automation email campaign, don't forget to click Save to officially activate your campaign, which will allow you to easily save time and effort later, and easily increase your brand identity.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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