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How to set an email automation?

This guideline will give you information about how to set up email automation with the Fordeer PDF Invoice Generator .

Email automation enables you to automatically send emails to your customers, with a PDF file, when orders are created, fulfilled, canceled, and paid.

To access this advanced feature, click Automation Email on the sidebar menu, then click New Automation to create a new automation campaign.

After that, you can access the Automation Emails page, which allows you to set up an email automation campaign directly.

Put a checkmark into the checkbox to ensure you activate the automation
Select the attached invoice templates and trigger the event
Email options
Put a checkmark into the checkbox Send to customer if you want to send it to your customers;
Add the email address that your customer will reply to directly;
You can add up to 10 BBC and CC emails, each email is separated by a comma.
Mail content
You can add and edit freely your subject and content email.
Set active dates
Click on the day that you want to start the automation;
Then, put a checkmark into the checkbox “Set end date” to be able to select the end day;
If you do not set an end date, the automation will never end.

Remember to click Save to complete the setup process.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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