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How to add value to the metafield in the product setting?

After creating metafield definitions successfully, you will need to add value to the newly created metafields in each product. This guideline will show you 2 ways to do it:

Add metafields one by one

Add metafields in bulk

Add metafields one by one

In Shopify admin, go to Products and choose the products you want to add more information to through metafields.

On the product setting page, scroll down to the Metafields section. Click Show all to set up.

Add value and description in the Metafield field.

However, if you have thousands of products that you need to add a metafield to, this method could be very time-consuming. Therefore, we will guide you through how to add metafields in bulk.

Add metafields in bulk

Firstly, go to Products page and select all the products. Then click Bulk edit to continue.

The another way is that you can type this URL format directly in your browser:

After entering the URL, you will see the bulk products on the screen as a column. Now you can add values to multiple products at the same time by filtering.

Click Columns, then search and filter according to the information you want to edit. All of the information related to metafields can be taken from the metafield definition you made before.

Although you still have to fill out each value for each product, it's much faster than going to each product and adding one by one.

Alternative option: You could consider using a Shopify app to bulk edit Metafields.

If you have more than 1000 products or need to edit metafields in bulk multiple times, then using these apps is more reasonable.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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