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How to add Download button to Shopify’s confirmation emails?

This guideline will help you learn more about how to add the Download button to Shopify’s confirmation emails.

Step 1. Set up and modify the Download button

Firstly, you need to access the Settings page on the sidebar. Then select Frontend download.

After that, you select Order or Draft order to continue modifying the button

Note that every action in this step is similar to each other in both the order and draft order.

Under the Liquid Embedded Builder part, modify the buttons as you wish, then click Copy to copy the code.

Next, scroll down and click Copy to copy the code.

Step 2. Add the code to the default forms

First of all, on your Shopify Admin page, go to Settings on the sidebar.

Then click Notifications.

Case 1: If you want to add a “Download invoice” button

After accessing the Notification page, select Order confirmation

Next, click Edit code and paste the code from Step 1 onto Email Body (HTML), normally right above </body> tag at the bottom. Remember to Save all the modifications.

You can click Preview to check the templates.

This is how the Download invoice button will be displayed after those actions.

You can send a test email directly to your email address to see what your customers will receive.

Case 2: If you want to add a “Download draft order” button

After accessing the Notification page, select Draft order invoice.

Then you can follow exactly all actions similar to the way you added the the Download invoice button above.
Firstly, click Edit code

Paste the code from Step 1 onto Email Body (HTML) anywhere you want, normally right above </body> tag at the bottom.

Click Save to finish all modifications, and preview to see what it really looks like.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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