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Version: Ver 1.0

How to set default templates

This guideline will help you give you information about how to set a default template to start customizing following your needs.

Firstly, click “Templates” to access the templates gallery.

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On this page, they are separated to 3 fields: templates, installed templates, and templates gallery.

  • Templates gallery included pre-made beautiful templates;
  • Installed templates included the templates that you installed from the gallery;
  • Templates included the templates that were set as the default ones.

Fordeer-Store-·-Templates-·-Shopify (17).png

How to set default templates?

Click “Install” from the gallery to install the pre-made templates.

Fordeer-Store-·-Templates-·-Shopify (18).png

It will jump up with the sentence “Install template successfully” which means you can now set that template as default one.

Fordeer-Store-·-Templates-·-Shopify (21).png

Move to “Installed templates” ⇒ Click “Set default” to complete

Fordeer-Store-·-Templates-·-Shopify (22).png

The template you want has been set as default. Since that, every order will be printed or downloaded automatically with this default template.

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