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Version: Ver 1.0

How to adjust settings?

This guideline will show you details which available in our app’s Settings

To access “Settings”, click on “Settings” on the Dashboard page


Customize your store’s information that would be displayed on the invoices


  1. Update your shop’s basic information: logo, address, legal name of business, phone number, email, etc.;

Fordeer-Store-·-Email-configuration-·-Shopify (3).png

  1. Update your social networks

Fordeer-Store-·-Socials-·-Shopify (1).png

  1. Adjust the standard formats of date and currency
  • You change how the date would be displayed on the orders

Screenshot (3).png (1920×1080).png

  • Above all, you can select and decide which format of date and currency you will decide to show on the invoices.
  • Click “Adjust format” to choose and set directly as the default currency format meeting your requirements.

Fordeer-Store-·-Standard-formats-·-Shopify (2).png

  1. Modify the email content (including Thank you note and Quotation)


Click on “Variables”, and you will see the list of all variables available that you can select to modify.

Fordeer-Store-·-Email-contents-·-Shopify (1).png

Click on “Select template attachment” to select one template from your gallery to set as default when attaching PDF invoices to your email.

  1. Set up the configuration to use email automation

This feature is only available in the Professional plan and above. Please be sure of your current plan before using it.

Fordeer-Store-·-Email-configuration-·-Shopify (5).png

To learn more deeply about this advanced feature, please check out: “How to configure Email Settings