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Version: Ver 1.0


What will this app do?

Fordeer Invoice Order Printer (FIOP) is a Shopify app that was built as a professional alternative to Shopify Order Printer.

It allows sellers to print and download invoices, packing slips, orders, etc., in bulk and send them directly to customers with the "Email Automation" feature.

It also allows sellers to make their own dazzling invoice templates by adjusting store details and currency standards on the setup page, modifying every detail shown in your documents according to your demands, and creating their own invoice templates with the available liquid variables.

With three main criteria Friendly - Easy - Flexible, Fordeer brings to the Shopify platform a PDF invoice app that allows all sellers, even beginners, to be able to use it without any obstacles.

How do I get support?

Please start by consulting the FAQs. If you can not find any necessary information, reach out to us by using the live chat feature in the app or support email if you need assistance using the app.

Keep in touch with us whenever you experience issues with this app. We guarantee to give you friendly customer service 24/7.

Which advanced features can I experience with the Professional and Premium plan?

  1. With the Professional Plan, besides all the available features of the Free Plan, you will be able to access the following advanced functions:
  • Branding remove;
  • Install all available templates;
  • Print and download orders/draft orders unlimitedly;
  • Full-accessed with email automation, thank-you note, and quotation;
  • Send email automation via the store’s email address.
  1. With the Premium Plan, besides all the available features of the Professional Plan, you will be able to access the following advanced functions:
  • Be supported with the highest priority;
  • Install all available templates and premium templates;
  • Have one template designed by experts to fit your demands.

If I cancel in the free period, will I have to pay an amount of fee?

If you cancel a subscription within a free trial period, you will not be charged for it.

Will I be charged directly when the Trial ends?

Yes. When the Trial ends, you will be charged directly for the pricing plan.

Can I make my invoices 100% in Spanish for my Spanish customers?

The Fordeer Invoice Order Printer does support multiple languages, up to 10 languages.

To access the Translation setup, click “Translation” on the sidebar menu.


Select the default language is “Spanish” or easier by turning on the “Auto-detected customer language”

Fordeer-Store-·-Translation-·-Shopify (1).png

You also can manually change/edit all fields of the Translation

Fordeer-Store-·-Translation-·-Shopify (2).png

Can I use my custom templates to print and download invoices?

We have an invoice template customization service. On the other hand, if you pay for the Premium plan, you will have one chance to contact our experts to get your design-on-demand template.

If you wish to use more than one of your own invoice templates, please contact us directly at

I want to know if I could change the currency format displayed on the billing documents?

You can completely change the currency format displayed on your invoice templates.

To change this, please access Settings, then click Standard formats

Fordeer-Store-·-Standard-formats-·-Shopify (3).png

On the Standard formats page, you can easily see the part about adjusting currency format. Click Adjust format to start.

Fordeer-Store-·-Standard-formats-·-Shopify (7).png

Select the currency displays on your billing documents

Fordeer-Store-·-Standard-formats-·-Shopify (5).png

Then, you can adjust the currency format as your desire: arrange the currency sign position and the decimal precision.

  • Note that you can not change the {{amount}} variable.

Please write us a review after you have experience with our app. Your honest feedback encourages us and helps us to make improvements to our app!

How can I remove the branding?

If you want to remove branding, contact us via live chat or Hotmail: We’re willing to help you resolve this requirement 24/7, and it's FREE.

Can I print all PDF orders which were partially paid? I want to know if it is possible.

Absolutely. You can print or download multiple PDF invoices all at once with our Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer.

On the sidebar, you go to “Orders” to access the order list. Then you filter them following the “Payment Status”

Fordeer-Store-·-Orders-·-Shopify (14).png

Select “Partially paid” as the status of orders, or any other status following your demand.

Fordeer-Store-·-Orders-·-Shopify (15).png

After that, there will be a list of orders that meet your requirements. Select all of them and click “Print” to complete.

Fordeer-Store-·-Orders-·-Shopify (16).png